(Arzamas Engineering Plant) Open Joint-Stock Company

Managing Director
Vasily Shupranov

2, 9 Maya St., Arzamas,
Nizhny Novgorod region, 607220, Russia
Phone 83147 40780, 40979
Fax 83147 43140
E-mail: amz@amz.ru

Company Profile
Arzamas Engineering Plant JSC is the economic base of Arzamas and one of the largest enterprises of the Nizhny Novgorod region industry. The enterprise was founded in 1972 as Arzamas motor components plant and was a part of Gorky automobile amalgamation. After 35 years of operation the plant is the leader in the filed of wheeled armored troop carriers production.
Now the plant specializes in producing armored troop carriers BTR-80, BTR-80A, BTR-80K, BREM-K, UNSH, modernized BTR-60PBM, BTR-70M, BRDM-2A, Vodnik and Tiger special vehicles as well as spares and components for cars manufactured by GAZ OJSC.
The main models of armored troop carriers:
BTR-80 wheeled armored troop carrier is equipped with KAMAZ-7403 diesel engine with turbocharging (260 h.p.), -126 bullet-proof tires, due to which a vehicle can proceed moving after the tires have been punctured by bullets or shell fragments, it has -1 turret machine-gun unit with 14.5 mm machine-gun and
7.6 mm machine-gun that have pointing angles of -4 to +60 degrees vertically and 360 degrees horizontally, 1-7 sight, 902B system for smoke screens, P-163-50 or P-173 radio stations, a system of protection against mass destruction weapons, anti-fire equipment, a habit-ability system.
On the base of BTR-80 armored troop carrier a number of vehicles for various purposes have been designed: BTR-80A, BTR-80K, BREM-K, BRDM-3, NONA-SVK, BMM, UNSH, several models of staff vehicles and a fire control machine. BTR-80A - fighting wheeled floating machine.
The main units of -80 are used. The machine is equipped with -1 turret cannon and machine-gun unit with a 30 mm automated cannon with two cartridge belts 2A72 and 7.62 mm machine-gun with the pointing angle of 5 to +70 degrees vertically and to 360 degrees horizontally, with 1-9 day sight and -42 night sight. The fighting efficiency of -
1 against ground objectives is 2.1-2.4 time greater than the armory ofBTP-80.
Tiger. The car is equipped with a powerful diesel engine with the turbocharging and air cooling system and a five-level manual gearbox. The independent torsion suspension of all the wheels, telescopic shock-absorbers and regulated pressure tires ensure exceptional crosscountry ability, high speed of 80 km/hour over rough terrain and up to 140 km/hour on the road. Tiger is capable to force a crossing over water ways with the depth of 1.2 meter. Various types of bodies may be installed on the chassis: armored, passenger, cargo ones, etc.
Now the plant manufactures 3 modifications of armored cars: special police cars -1 and -2 for the Ministry of Internal Affairs and special transportation vehicles CTC 233014 for the Ministry of Defense,
The cars are mainly used in conduction anti-terrorist operations and performing tasks of territorial defense.
The vehicle meets the highest standards of the design of the form and the interior. -90. The reserve of the interior volume and carrying capacity provided the design makes it possible to install heavier armament, such as -3, Bakhcha-U, Sprut 125 mm anti-tank cannon, Vena 120 mm self-propelled artillery gun, Kornet antitank complex, etc., and to reinforce the protection up to the level of modern troop carriers
against small-bore artillery ammunition and fragments of large-calibre shells. It is possible to install additional armor and systems of passive and active protection that would ensure the protection of the machine against anti-tank grenade cup discharges and guided missiles. The main arms are represented by 2A42 automated 30 mm gun with the 500 units of fire. AG-17 automated grenade cup discharge mounted on the turret, with 250 units of fire adds to the machines capacity to fight enemy's men force. The fighting capacity of the machine is increased by the gun's stabilizer that makes it possible to fire during movement with the speed of 25-30 km/ hour. To fight armored objectives (tank) the machine is equipped with four 9M113M Konkurs anti-tank guided missiles.
A powerful diesel engine with the turbocharging, a hydro reverse gearbox, an independent suspension of all the wheels with full driving gear, a hydraulic steering booster make the machine very mobile at the battle field.
The maximum speed of BTR-90 is 100 km/hour. According to the tests carried out in different conditions the machine can successfully compete with our fastest tank T80-U that is known in the West as a flying tank. GAZ-39371 VODNIK is a highly mobile transportation vehicle designed to create machines for special purposes on its base. It is used to transport personnel, to patrol various areas and roads, to convoy columns, etc.
The design of the machine is based upon a modularized scheme. The armored body of the car has two removable modules the front one and the rear one. The volumes of the front module includes a power unit and a control unit divided by a hermetic partition.
The rear module may be used for transportation of people and cargo, for installation of specialized equipment and mobile units. The advantage of the machine consists in the possibility to quickly change the modules even in field environment due to the quick-split connection of the rear module and the bearing flange of the body. Thus, with a number of modules the chassis can perform functions of transporting people, cargo and technological equipment to the regions which are difficult of access. The machine may be used at temperature of 45C to +50C, humidity of the ambient air of 98% while the temperature is 25C, at the wind speed of 30 m/s, in the mountain conditions with the above-sea level of 4,500 m; the machine is capable to overcome passes of the height of 4,650 m.
One of the activities of the plant, besides supply of military vehicles, is maintaining close relations with the customers during the whole period of the development of an item. The plant is engaged in the warranty servicing of special-purpose machines, performs revision, repair and modernization of earlier produced cars.
It also performs modernization of BRDM-2 intelligence machine.
The high mobility of modernized BRDM-2A machine has been ensued by the use of full-drive transmission (4x4 type), a powerful and fireproof diesel engine instead of a gasoline engine, an independent suspension of all the wheels, a system of tire air pressure centralized regulation, which adds to the ability to overcome obstacles and to move in the rough terrain. The machine is also equipped with communications means, a system of protection against mass destruction weapons, equipment for pumping out water, and a hoist for pulling the machine out.
Modernization of BTR-60 (60 PB) armored troop carriers.
The mobility properties of BTR-70M (BTR-60 PBM) have been improved by the use of powerful and fire-proof KAMAZ-7403 diesel engine instead of two gasoline engines (like in BTR-80). The machined is designed for transportation of personnel while marching or maneuvering, including crossing rivers, for protection of the crew and assaulting force against infantry arms fire, mines, shell fragments and MDW.
Machine-assembly departments of the plant produce components for GAZ JSC. The main products: Bshock-absorbers;
B-transfer boxes;
B-EURO-2 resonators;
Recently the geography of the supplies has been expanded. The armored machines made of AMZ are supplied to more as 30 countries. It is very popular among the military of Algeria, Hungary, Indonesia, Sudan, Djibouti, Vietnam, Shri-Lanka, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and other countries. In particular, last year first Vodnik machines were delivered to a foreign customer. In Uruguay the quality of the vehicles was highly appreciated. The machines of AMZ plant have crossed the ocean and now conquer the market of Latin America (Uruguay, Colombia). Close relations with the countries of South-East Asia have been maintained. The company has established partnership relations with Bangladesh republic.
Arzamas Engineering Plant means: B-3'5 -years experience of manufacturing products of high quality: from spare parts to wheeled armored troops carriers, reliable and very popular in the armies of many countries; B-series production of BTR-80, BTR-80A, BTR-80K, BREM-K, UNSH armored troop carries, highly mobile Vodnik and Tiger transportation vehicles;
modern technologies and high culture of producing special vehicles, reliable and flexible system of after-sale servicing;
B-overhaul repair and modernization of all products;
B-eooperation with 30 countries and peace-keeping forces of the UN;
B-well-organized team capable of solving any task.
Now AMZ JSC is subordinated to Military and Industrial Company LLC, Moscow.

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